Meeting Updates

Update from the May 8, 2018 Meeting

The attorney has confirmed that the recent appointment to the board is in accordance with the state statute. There has been a recent resignation from the board resulting in two open board seats. The board would like to fill these seats and is accepting resumes. If you are interested in serving on the board, please submit your resume to

The audits through fiscal year 2015-2016 are all complete and have been uploaded to the website. The audit for fiscal year 2017 is not due until June 30th of this year.

There is currently no money in reserves. The recommendation would be to do a reserve study in the next fiscal year to determine how much money the CDD should be putting into a reserve account to prepare for future repairs to the community infrastructure.

The meeting books are in order according to the agenda. The meeting minutes are always a part of the consent agenda and located prior to the operations and maintenance expenditures. The meeting minutes are intended to be a general overview of what occurred at each meeting. If you would like a complete recap of a meeting, the recording can be requested at any time. The financial statements are also a part of the consent agenda and are located after the operations and maintenance expenditures. In the most recent book, the financial statements are located behind tab 9 on page 101.

The midge fly treatment for anyone who resides on Pond 15 is set to begin today, Friday, May 11th.

The new key fob system will be installed within the next month. Once a more concrete date has been determined, a letter will go out to homeowners and will provide a date and time to pick up the new fobs and sign the pool rules.